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Banking and Secured Finance

Ayo-Kasumu & Company

Corporate Acquisitions and Divestments

Banking and Secured Finance

Ayo-Kasumu & Company has in the past been called upon to provide legal assistance through the definition and delimitation of the risks our clients may undertake.

Furthermore, providing specialized legal services to banks and other financial institutions, including the formulation and documentation of the framework for complex financial transactions, forms an important aspect of our practice which our time-acquired technical skills enable us to successfully undertake.

Our banking and finance lawyers draw on deep product expertise and regularly work alongside our regulatory, litigation, restructuring and other specialists – particularly important in light of recent market conditions – to develop innovative solutions for our clients, often incorporating complex financing techniques that lead the industry.

We also undertake diverse credit transactions including real property lending for development, negotiation of corporate acquisitions and divestments, the facilitation of infrastructure project financing both domestically and internationally, especially across the African continent, to state a few.

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