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Who We Are

Ayo-Kasumu & Company is one of Lagos pre-eminent law firms in Nigeria, with significant depth and range of resources in diverse practice areas. As a single and integrated partnership, we pride ourselves on our approachable and team-based way of working. Our strategy is to help our clients embrace change and confidence by harnessing their abilities and strengths and giving assistance when in trouble.


Since 1991, Ayo-Kasumu & Company has steadfastly catered to the legal needs of a select clientele within the Nigerian business community. The firm was founded by Mr. Kehinde Ayo-Kasumu, a notary public, and a well respected legal practitioner especially in property law and project finance practice, who is renowned for his integrity and painstaking approach to all briefs. The firm’s ultra-modern suite of offices occupies the west wing of the third floor of the Amazing Grace building situated at 227, Ikorodu Road, Ilupeju in the Lagos State of Nigeria and is equipped with a comprehensive and continually revised library and up to date technology, which facilitates professional efficiency & a modern and well-informed approach to legal issues.

Our Vision Statement

To be recognized as a globally leading law firm that drives change through innovation and forward thinking while maintaining human worth, high ethical standards and values.

Our Mission Statement

To accelerate our law firm presence in Nigeria with continental advance in alliance with our global network of professional legal partners and business affiliates.

Our Goal

As a single, fully integrated, global partnership, we pride ourselves on our approachable and team based way of working.

We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, which include corporates from all the commercial and industrial sectors, the financial investor community, governments, regulators, trade bodies and not-for-profit organisations. We provide them with the highest-quality advice and legal insight, which combines the Firm’s global standards with in-depth local expertise.

Lastly, we aim to be easy to work with, down to earth and approachable.

Need help with any kind of legal issues? Ayo-Kasumu & Co are here for you

Our Policies

We have put in place a number of policies that set clear expectations of what our stakeholders can expect from us in relation to diversity, dignity and inclusion; human rights; and, the environment.

We work carefully to ensure that the principles at the heart of these policies are integrated into all aspects of how we manage our business.

As one of the leading law firms, we offer advice and guidance to our clients on how to address the impact of their business on the environment. This impact relates not only to compliance with environmental legislation in their own operations, but beyond the relationships they have with their customers, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders.

At Ayo-Kasumu & Company, we are committed to delivering a world-class service – providing the highest quality advice and support efficiently and effectively, every time.

Our clients are at the heart of how we work. Understanding our client’s values and aligning with their needs underpins our approach. We invest heavily to ensure that our clients benefit from our formidable knowledge and market insights, that they have access to the best team for the job, and that we bring the right processes and advanced technologies to bear in each situation.